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Four Walk Into Town!

We realised the other day that we are yet to walk into town as a family of four. This is something we would do quite regularly with Ethan on a Sunday afternoon. We avoid Saturdays as they can be too busy for Ethan. 

Taking advantage of Darren’s new shift pattern we decided to walk into town on Thursday afternoon. The walk into town is over a mile and a half and mostly uphill so it can be quite hard going on the calf muscles. Added to that Ethan wanted to do some running up and down the hills!





Whilst Darren watched both me and Ethan get covered in mud from this activity he took a few photos of Little E. 



We also stopped at the play park but Ethan’s anxiety for other children is the worst I have ever seen it. There were a few children near the swings and because of that he wouldn’t go into the play park. I think we have some work to do with building up his confidence. 
We decided to stop in Debenhams to feed Little E. Ethan picked out a cake that we wanted. He loves his cake!


Ethan was very content with escalator watching so it was an uneventful and stress free pit stop, which made a nice change. 


Unfortunately we had to walk home in the rain, but I suppose it is all part of the fun!


I’m linking this post to Country Kids over at Coombe Mill.
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