No, Ethan’s New Word

Ethan has a love hate relationship with the iPad now. He likes to play on it but only on his terms, sometimes this will only happen if we decide we want to use the iPad.

With Little E’s arrival Ethan lost interest in the iPad again. Not what we wanted, but there was obviously more exciting things going on at home.

When we asked him if he wanted the iPad he would scream at us and push it away. Then suddenly we noticed that this scream turned into a noise, and one day we asked each other if Ethan was saying NO.

As the days passed we were sure Ethan was saying NO and we were happy he had another word to use.

Ethan’s use of NO has slowly moved into different situations. We can now ask him questions and he will answer NO.

I always find it terrible that we can never ask Ethan what he wants because of his lack of communication. We have to assume so much for him. This little word has given Ethan an opinion, he can decide if he wants to, or needs to have something.

This of course has backfired on me and No has turned out to be my least favourite word. This is because Ethan can tell me he doesn’t want to leave somewhere. This happened the other week at soft play. I asked Ethan if he wanted to go home and he said NO. He then ran away from me!

Quite a few questions have been answered with No now. It does make me smile.

Lets hope this word sticks around, as we have lost some of Ethan’s other words recently but we are putting this down to the big change at home.

7 thoughts on “No, Ethan’s New Word”

  1. Great news! It must be difficult with such a big upheaval but I am sure Ethan will start finding those ‘lost’ words again once he gets used to his little sister being around.

  2. I have just discovered the joy of putting something like In the Night Garden on the ipad to keep my little man entertained and quiet for half an hour! i can imagine how much you need it with your new arrival! They always want what they can’t have hey?

  3. Ah Jane I can totally relate to this post! It’s a yay because they can communicate more, but aaargh because now they can verbalise things they don’t like lol! Monkey’s tantrums are basically running around shouting no no no no but when he doesn’t want to do something he is cute as he has started saying ‘no, not yet, soon’ bless him! Hoping that no sticks around and that his other words make a reappearance as he gets used to life with his little sister! xx #ssamazingachievements

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