The AquaDuck Disney Cruise Ship Water Slide

Did you know that there is a Disney Cruise Ship Water Slide? It’s called the AquaDuck. It was one of the many things we wanted to experience on our Disney Cruise. Knowing that Ethan has an issue with queuing and that the AquaDuck is very popular we had a plan of action to beat the queues.

the aquaduck disney cruise ship water slide

The AquaDuck is a Disney Cruise Ship Water Slide. It is a water tube that winds around the top deck of the ship. You ride the AquaDuck on a two person raft and it apparently falls four decks during the ride.

the aquaduck disney cruise ship water slide

We decided that we would try to take Ethan on the AquaDuck for the first time either in the evenings or on our Castaway Cay day. As Ethan was hit pretty badly by jet-lag the evenings weren’t really an option for him. So we took advantage of a quieter ship on the afternoon of our Castaway Cay visit.

the aquaduck disney cruise ship water slide

We were both able to ride with Ethan on the AquaDuck on the Castaway Cay afternoon. Everyone loved it but Little E was too small to go on. We took it in turns to stay in Nemo’s Reef with her whilst Ethan was taken on the AquaDuck. The AquaDuck is very fast, you get very wet and the water is very cold. But it is so much fun!

the aquaduck disney cruise ship water slide

The queue does get very long on sea days. Ethan knew what he was queuing for on our sea day so he was happy to wait for his turn to go on the AquaDuck.

You can see our full ride on the AquaDuck in the video below.

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  1. 8th April 2018 / 6:11 pm

    oh wow it looks amazing I would so love to try a Disney Cruise I am off to check out your other posts x

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