5 Trending Interior Designs To Inspire Your Creative Mind

5 Trending Interior Designs To Inspire Your Creative Mind

Interior designs have never before seen the level of interest it currently does. The rise of social media and home accounts seem to grow by the day. How visual they all are have given everyday users the inspiration and advice they needed to make their own homes into something special. 

5 trending interior designs to inspire your creative mind

Yes, it is true that in order to be truly up-to-date and in style, you’ll have to cut through some accounts and advice which is already a little out of date. But without too much effort. You’ll soon find the areas which will pique your interest from a creative point of view. 

And there are plenty of trends out there that will do just that. We’ve picked out 5, but they all tie into one over-arching theme that looks set to continue growing in popularity in the near future, and that’s ‘outdoor-indoor’. It literally means bringing elements of the outside world into your home in a stylish way. Take a look at what they are and be inspired…

Natural Elements

There are certain materials that are common in nature that when brought into the home, also bring with them some of the calming effects of their usual habitat. Wood is one of them, and this can be used with ease throughout all your internal spaces. A quick and easy way to implement it is with wooden doors from retailers such as Online Door Store. Another way is to bring in floral arrangements. Fresh ones, of course, look stunning but don’t have the longevity you might desire. Instead, you could choose dried flowers and moss arrangements that will last as long as you want them to. 

wooden door

Tones From Nature

Whether these be muted, calming and neutral tones. Pale greens and natural colours such as browns and creams. Bolder blues, emerald greens, and even the brighter, vibrant shades of tropical birds. They all bring the natural world into our home when put together sympathetically. 

Wildlife Prints 

These have been popular for some time, but variations of them allow you to unleash your creativity. Jungle print bedding and wallpapers adorned with birds would be relatively common but what about a footstool with a deer scene on? What about if you have an armchair with a floral print on it? Tiles can be stencilled, and pottery can be heavily patterned. Try to use the concepts in new ways, and your home will look all the better for it. 

wildlife print bedding

Wood Panelling 

A modern and highly fashionable way to use this natural element, wood panelling needn’t be reserved for Victorian homes. Have it painted in a green colour too, and you get a double whammy of that ‘outdoor-indoor’ feeling. 

Indoor Gardens  

Nothing will bring the outside into your house more than living features such as plants. But don’t stick to a few ordinary houseplants. Why not make a whole area mimic the type of thing you would typically find outdoors? Having a garden in your home will set you apart from the rest and make your home more stylish than you would have thought possible. 

indoor garden

Focus your efforts on a key theme. Use those elements in creative ways, and you’ll not only have a unique home but one you really love too.

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