A Good Eating Weekend…

I’m pleased to report that this weekend Ethan ate well, it may not have been the healthiest options but meal times weren’t a fight which is a very positive step as I hate feeling that we are forcing Ethan to eat. 

The first week of trying out the new slow cooker recipes didn’t quite go to plan due to illness, thinking that one of my dinners would be too spicy for Ethan and my mum collecting Ethan early on the Sunday afternoon so this weekend we made sure we made more of an effort. 

This included making sure Ethan was sitting in his highchair for all of his meals with us sitting at the table and eating at the same time. Ethan’s bout of illnesses over the past few months have made us lazy and we have been eating in the front room but sometimes having a full blown battle to get Ethan into his high chair and then knowing it will be a fight with the food is just a bit too much for all of us to take. We did have one exception to this rule though and that was on Sunday morning as Darren went to eat his breakfast in the front room and Ethan clearly made Darren aware that he wanted some which led to Ethan eating four weetabix from Darren’s bowl!

We did actually introduce a new item for Ethan’s lunch, we gave him a crumpet lightly spread with nutella to encourage him to eat it, which thankfully he did.

Dinners included salmon with a white chive sauce and sweet potato mash, pictured below, and my new found slow cooker recipe kashmiri butter chicken both of which were fed to Ethan and he did try to stop the spoon going into his mouth by putting his hand up which was beautifully deflected by Darren and most of the meals were eaten. 

I’m really hoping this is a positive step forward and we can continue down this path for a little while at least…

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