Our Beautiful Boy!

This entry is for you to start get to know the main man himself, our beautiful boy, Ethan!

Our Little Escapades

He was welcomed into the world in May 2010 and our lives changed for the better, we become an official family.

Ethan is now 2!

He is non verbal but that doesn’t stop him letting us know what he wants. He has a fantastic smile that can light up any room and an amazing sense of humour.

Our Little Escapades

He loves water and jumping, mostly on the sofa! He loves watching fish and Donald Duck makes him laugh. He loves books, the Gruffalo if his favorite, and he soon tells you off if you try to skip parts because it is the 20th time of reading it that day! We go swimming every week although we are working on the kicking the legs part. He loves any toys with buttons and flashing lights, give him your iPhone and he has unlocked it in minutes or if you’re really lucky called 999! He loves running and likes to keep us on our toes. At the moment he is obsessed with the ‘STEPS’ concert, thanks daddy!, and Winnie the Pooh’s Heffalump Movie.

Our Little Escapades

He is our special little boy and we love him very much!

Our Little Escapades

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