A Sunday Visit To The Sea

We decided to take Ethan to see the sea this afternoon to get out of the house for a bit. When we got there we were disappointed to find that the tide was in so we couldn’t go for a walk along the sand today instead we let Ethan watch the waves for a bit.



We then went back up to the top to let Ethan have a run around on the grass but he discovered the covered seating area and he liked how it made his shouts echo.




Whilst there we heard a funny noise and looked up to see this man going for a ride!



We often see people kite surfing here but we have never seen this man before.
We decided to take Ethan to the pier so we didn’t have a wasted journey but it took a while to get Ethan to come back to the car, he had fun playing hide and seek with us.



When we visited Hastings Ethan loved all of the flashing lights in the amusements so when he saw the flashing lights in the pier he couldn’t wait to get in there.
We call Ethan our little strong man because he likes to lift the heaviest toys he owns onto high places so we couldn’t miss the chance to have his photo taken here…



We walked along the pier to say hello to the sea again…


…before taking Ethan onto the carousel so that he could have some fun with the flashing lights.



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