Our Country Park

On Sunday we decided to find our local country park as we have yet to visit it since we moved here at the start of the year. We ended up driving round the long way to find the entrance to the car park and it turns out that it is less than five minutes away from us. 

There are two playgrounds there for children, one for the over eights and one for the under eights. There is also a mini climbing wall if your children are really brave enough! It was nice and quiet so Ethan got to have some fun on the swing. 


The wooded area opens up to a lake and a big open area so Ethan got to do lots of running, I even got in on the running action! 


After burning off all of our energy we made our way back to the car letting Ethan feel the textures of the trees as we went. 


We will definitely be visiting this park more often!

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