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Since the return to school after the summer holiday, Ethan has really been into letters and the sounds they make. It really has been all about letters, we have been watching letter songs on you tube and playing alphablocks games. Ethan has been telling us what letters words start with, D is for dog, M is for Mummy etc. The ABC song is a sound that is constant in out house at the moment and even Little E joins in with the singing and has started to identify letters.

One afternoon when Ethan was sitting next to me, he started to sing the ABC song and type out the full alphabet in the search box of the iPad.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing so I had to take a photo.


He sung the alphabet song and when he couldn’t find the letter he was looking for he would ask me ‘Where’s U’ etc. I even discovered that he can also use the term ‘down there’, which he used when he found the letter was at the bottom of the screen. He repeated this quite a few times and as you can see there wasn’t that many mistakes in his alphabet.


At the weekend his love of letters moved to another level, he started to sound out letters to form words. He attempted to read one of the books I had brought down for Little E. He got a few words correct and made a very good attempt at reading the book. He really did prove that he is really trying to learn how to read. I believe he is doing this with the techniques they are teaching him at school and from all the signs he asks us to read to him when we are out and about. I really do hope that Ethan can learn how to read as it really will open up his world to a whole new level of possibilities.

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  1. Oh well done Ethan, this sounds like quite a breakthrough for him. If he is at this stage now it seems highly likely he will master reading at least the basic words in our language soon enough. It must be so rewarding to see these steps of progress.

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