Autism Awareness Day 2014

Today is Autism Awareness Day and ironically it’s exactly a year since I gave up work to be Ethan’s full time carer.

It was a bittersweet day for me last year and I had very mixed emotions about it that I didn’t want to acknowledge Autism Awareness Day.

It was always a goal for me that I would one day be able to be a full time mum, but I felt that fate had dealt us an unexpected hand in the form of autism, and this change happened before I was expecting it too. I believed that when I became a full time mum I would turn into an amazing housewife, our home would be spotless and in order. Dinner would always be on the table on time and we would have fantastic days filled of lots of creative fun and making lots of memories. My reality has been very different and at times it has been a hard pill to swallow.

My reality is filled with autism.

It’s our unexpected adventure and everyday is different. We have an amazing little boy who is unable to communicate with us through words, but everyday we learn different ways to communicate with him. I’m very grateful that Ethan isn’t locked in his own little world but he does have his moments where we can’t get through. Even though he will be four this year we believe we have started to make our way into the terrible two stage, and a day doesn’t pass when we have a battle of wills. Coupled with non verbal communication they can cause very low moments. 
We have learnt to function on very little sleep, and I never thought anyone could be fussier with food than me! We are learning to navigate the education system in a way we never knew existed, and that it is very important to take each day as it comes. 
Social events and days out have to be planned like a military operation, and sometimes we have to leave places as soon as we get there.       
We have discovered that we are not the only people that live with autism, but we know that everyone’s journey is different. 
“Autism is different not less, different can be awesome too”.

2 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Day 2014”

  1. LOL love the you never knew anyone could be fussier with food than you. He is such a wonderful little boy – good luck with your terrible twos though – hope you fly through them.


    We share the same anniversary!! I gave up work on the same day albeit in 2011. (I wrote a similar post). I didnt even know Autism Awareness Day existed all those years ago either. You’ve done amazing with Ethan. I love reading all about his escapades. I know of the chaos he must have brought into your life as Bruiser has done the same to us but like us im sure you wouldnt change a thing! Learning of your news a few week back, Ethan is going to be an amazing big brother to the little one on the way. All the best my dear xxx

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