Finally A Visit To The Sea In 2014!

My morning sickness has been really bad this pregnancy. I have suffered morning, noon and night, and at half way through my pregnancy I still have my moments. This has had a big impact on all of us, we have had to cancel visits to friends and family and Christmas felt like a total wipeout. I had so much I wanted to do with Ethan but I just couldn’t face it, but the worst thing is it feels like we have been trapped in the house for months. The days I have felt like wanting to go out, when the sun has been shining, we have had appointments we needed to go to or Ethan has been ill. 

Today, I’m pleased to report, after four days of Ethan being ill, we escaped the house and went to visit the sea. It’s the first time we have visited this year, which is terrible as we normally start the new year off with a walk along the seafront.
We all needed this blast of fresh air, lets hope this is the start of things to come this year and we will be visiting the sea a lot more in 2014.  

4 thoughts on “Finally A Visit To The Sea In 2014!”

  1. sabrina montagnoli

    It’s a girl 🙂 (according to old wives tales anyway right) Sorry you have had it so rough. As for illness my wee man has not been without some sort of bug since the new year so I know what that is like! Glad you got out and especially by the sea side. Love his big smiles with his daddy #CountryKids

  2. Im glad you finally got to go out =) Nice photos and look at that weather! Its gloomy here today so looking at photos like this helps to make mornings better #countrykids

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