Understanding Direction – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

All through Ethan’s diagnosis process we were asked how much do we think Ethan understands? If we give him directions does he follow them or is it just a routine that he is following?

We always believed that Ethan knew what we were saying to him, but when you’re asked over and over again you start to doubt it.

Most of our day is made up of routines, everybody follows routine, it’s just what happens in life. You go to school or work and you follow the same patterns.

Now I do believe that some of the things we say to Ethan and he responds to are routine, but sometimes things happen out of routine and we know he must know what we are saying to him. I have had two experiences of this over the past few weeks.

The first time, Ethan had hidden my mobile phone. He had it on the floor and when I wanted it, it was nowhere to be seen. So I asked him ‘Where is mummy’s phone?’ he looked at me and then produced my phone from it’s hiding place under the sofa handing it to me with a big smile.

The second time we were playing Elefun and I asked Ethan to pick up all the butterflies and put them in the elephant. I have done this before but I had been picking up the butterflies at the time, this time Ethan started the job on his own when I asked. I know he knows what I said to him because he isn’t a boy that likes to pick up his toys, he likes them all over the floor, organised chaos!

I believe that this is a fantastic sign of progress in his development.

6 thoughts on “Understanding Direction – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. Well done Ethan, I agree that is a fantastic sign of progress in his development. It’s so lovely when you realise that your child is understanding something.

  2. ah brilliant Ethan – well done. Especially for finding mummys phone! J used to be good at finding lost things so much that he started to deliberately hide stuff so he could be the hero finding it again. Got a bit frustrating when we were in a hurry to go out and find shoes missing, car keys missing etc. x

  3. Thats great progress!I was in the kitchen earlier today and Mini came in with the big bottle of mineral water and asked for a drink. I was getting dinner ready and asked her to get her cup, which was in the living room and she did!Its a fantastic achievement when you get confirmation of understanding. Go Ethan!

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