Little E

Baby Ballet

I never had ballet lessons when I was younger but I was very excited when Little E arrived at the thought of being able to take her to Baby Ballet. Perhaps its the thought of being able to put her in a pink tutu!

So when Ethan started school I booked Little E in for her first sessions of Baby Ballet. At the moment she is in the Tots class which is for children aged 6 to 18 months. There isn’t much dancing at this age, it is more about the music.

I love watching Little E in the class, she has a confidence that means she leaves my side and gets herself right in the middle of the action. She returns to me when she is excited and rushes back with a beaming smile. I really hope she doesn’t lose this confidence as it is lovely to see.

Last week Little E was awarded her very first certificate as she has completed this terms set of songs. Next week they are going to introduce a new set.


I have resisted buying the pink tutu so far, I want to wait until she is one so we can get a bit more wear out of it.



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