Making Pizza’s at Pizza Express

Last week Ethan’s school visited Pizza Express to make pizza’s. They were going to be given the choice to either eat their pizza’s for lunch and if they didn’t it would be brought home.

We have visited Pizza Express with Ethan but he has never eaten a pizza there, I also haven’t made any food with him for a while so I wondered how he would get on.

Ethan returned from school with his pizza.


There was photographic evidence that Ethan made the pizza and we were very proud. He was also given a certificate which has proudly been placed on the fridge.


When showing nanny the photos of his trip Ethan even said one of the boys names and vocalized many of the others. We were amazed by this.

We think he enjoyed his trip as he kept vocalizing ‘Happy Birthday’ when we looked at the photos on his return.

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