little e rupert bear center parcs festive teddy bears picnic

Center Parcs Festive Teddy Bears’ Picnic

When we first visited Center Parcs I noticed that there was a Teddy Bears’ Picnic activity for younger children. Little E was too young for it and we didn’t think it would be the right thing for Ethan to take part in. Fast forward two years and we were able to book the Festive Teddy Bears’ Picnic that takes place during the Winter Wonderland dates.

center parcs festive teddy bears picnic

The Festive Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Booking Ethan into the Activity Den for a Jingle Jolly Party Hour gave us the chance to attend the Festive Teddy Bears’ Picnic with Little E.

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic started with us all going for a short walk to look for bear prints. It was just a walk around the outside of the Sports Zone. There had been a trail of paper bear footprints for the children to find. They made sure that all of the children got a chance to find one.

Meeting Rupert the Bear

little e running towards rupert bear festive teddy bears picnic center parcs

After the short walk, it was time to return to the Sports Zone. The children were told that a special friend was coming to see them. It was time to welcome Rupert the Bear. Some of the children were a little worried about meeting him but Little E was right at the front. Rupert had brought a gift for the children. Their very own teddy bear to take home.

rupert bear hugging little e festive teddy bears picnic center parcs

After meeting Rupert they brought in little boxes of lunch for the children. To be honest we weren’t 100% sure if the Teddy Bears’ Picnic included a picnic. It wasn’t clear on any of the information that I had found, we should have just asked at the information centre! The children discovered jam sandwiches, crisps, a small treat, and apple juice inside the lunch boxes. During the lunch break, the children were read a story.

little e rupert bear festive teddy bears picnic center parcs

After lunch the children had some time to play some games. Little E loved playing the parachute game and had lots of fun.

little e playing parachute game center parcs elveden forest

It was so nice being able to spend some time with Little E on her own. We are normally doing things that Ethan likes to enjoy, so it was nice to put her interests first for once.

When Little E was born I was determined that we would do things as a family. I didn’t want Ethan’s needs to stop us from being able to go out as a four. But I think it is nice for us to do things like this sometimes. Our children will have different interests and there are things I would like to experience with my little girl. Some of which Ethan will find too hard to enjoy. It definitely is all about finding the correct balance.

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