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Center Parcs Elf Academy At Winter Wonderland

One of the activities we booked for Ethan during our Center Parcs Winter Wonderland stay was the Elf Academy. This is a three-hour activity in the Activity Den. It is a children’s only activity meaning you can have some child-free time.

center parcs elf academy

What Happen’s at Elf Academy?

At the Elf Academy, children learn how to become Santa’s helpers. When we arrived at our lodge there was an invitation waiting for Ethan. The letter was from Santa inviting him to join the Elf Academy.

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elf academy invitation details center parcs elveden forest

It was an early morning activity so we were up bright and early. We already arranged Ethan’s one-to-one support so our handover was easy when we arrived. The children are provided with an Elf Costume and they paint bright red cheeks on their faces. I had already informed them that Ethan probably wouldn’t take part in the dressing-up. There was no pressure for Ethan to dress-up. They gave us his Elf Costume at the end of the activity.

The children spent the morning playing games and making Christmas crafts. Each child took their box full of treats away with them to take home.

ethans decorated treat box center parcs elf academy
inside ethans treat box center parcs elf academy

Ethan’s box included a cake that he had decorated and a Christmas Tree decoration that he had painted.

Parents are asked to arrive fifteen minutes early to collect the children. This is so they can put on a little show for us. The children are also surprised with a visit from Santa at this point. They all gather together to sing the parent’s Christmas songs.

ethan elves

During the singing, Ethan kept to the side with his one-to-one support. When the show was over and everyone had said goodbye, Ethan made it clear he wanted to see Santa. Santa was happy to have a photo taken with him.

ethan santa

Ethan was also presented with a certificate to confirm that he had completed the Elf Academy course.

completion certificate center parcs elf academy

Did Ethan Enjoy His Time At This Activity?

It was very clear that Ethan enjoyed his time at the Elf Academy. I was so happy that he was able to take part in the crafts. The support the staff gave him was amazing. I must admit I had to fight back tears when all the children sang together. It’s moments like this that always highlight the different path we are on. The most important thing is that Ethan enjoyed himself. As I write this post he has looked at the photos asking about his party. He has informed me that we will go back for his birthday!

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