Child Assessment Observation 4

Today was Ethan’s final observation. We stayed in the nursery room with him this time as the speech therapist came to see him again. She watched him as they tired to make Ethan take turns at shape sorting to see how he reacted when he was made to wait his turn. She talked to us about the techniques she would like us to use with Ethan and what she wants to put in place for him after his results meeting. There is lots of information to take in so I must remember to take a pad to make notes at the results meeting.    

This week the nursery had set out ‘In The Night Garden’ and ‘Teletubbie’ toys. They had an Upsy Daisy toy bed that Ethan kept trying to lay his head on, my mum suggested that perhaps we should make him a real sized one to see if it gets him to stay in his own bed at night! There was also a box of phones and they showed these to the children at different stages to see what they would do with them. Of course none of the boys put the phones to their ears but they all liked pressing the buttons! 
We also got the chance to go into the sensory room today and Ethan loved it. They had a tube filled with water and bubbles that the boys could change colour and a mirror that was surrounded by lights that would could turn on and off depending on what button you pressed. There was also a pressure mat on the floor that would light up squares of colour on the walls. All the boys thought that they could light up the squares by touching them so it was funny to see them trying to work it out. 
The nursery nurse told us that she would now have to write a report on Ethan and that today was the first time she really saw Ethan as himself as he babbled all the time today which he hadn’t done there before. 
So now we wait for the results meeting to see what decision they have made for our special and amazing little boy.

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