Ethan’s Turning Into A Little Water Baby!

So the day has come to see if we could prove to Daddy that it isn’t just him who can get Ethan to swim and I’m so glad to say Ethan is well and truly getting there with learning to swim. I would never have lived it down if he didn’t swim today!

As soon as Ethan was he in water he was off, his little legs moving like mad. We had done a length of the teaching pool before the lesson had officially started. 

I can see that he had worked out that as soon as his legs stop he goes under the water a little bit because of his weight on the woggle, so he keeps moving. You can also feel that he is really starting to enjoy it, he was practically climbing up the sides of the pool himself to do the jumping in. 

So now we have his legs moving we need to work on moving his arms and jumping in, at the moment Ethan just steps off of the side into the pool when it is jumping in time. 

We even made some progress with swimming on his back today as he let me pull him along backwards without him putting up a fight. 

I have always said that Ethan has a very logical brain and he likes to observe and work it all out but no matter what, and no matter how long it takes him he always gets there in the end. 

I’m so proud of my little water baby I can’t wait to take him swimming again next week!

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