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Travelling With Kids: Top Places To Visit In Greece

Travelling to Greece can be an exhilarating and deeply cultural experience. Everyone, including your children, should be able to take part in getting to know the historical city. Travelling with kids can be a difficult feat, but it is not an impossible task. All it takes is some extra strategic planning. Going abroad is not a good idea, given the current circumstances of the world, but that should not stop you from planning the best family adventure once things go back to normal. If you are already planning a family trip, you may be wondering where should we go in Greece? No worries! Here are the top places to visit that your little ones will love.

bridge child children fashion Travelling With Kids
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The Acropolis

The Acropolis is a fantastic spot to visit with children. It is one of the most famous monuments in Greece. You and your family can go on a guided tour which includes priority access to some of the site’s areas. Starting at the base, your family will be put in small groups to explore the hill either at your own pace or you can have your tour guide show you how to see the Altar of Asclepius as well as the Theater of Dionysus. You can either do a two-hour tour or a four-hour tour. It all depends on what you are trying to see and how antsy your kids are.

This site is great for kids starting from three to four years old. Keep in mind that you cannot take strollers inside the Acropolis. Once you are done on your guided tour, it is not time to leave yet. Stay a little while longer to visit the Acropolis Museum. With over 3,000 artifacts, it is an educationally rich experience for your kids you do not want to miss out on.

Involve Your Kids In Art

If you want your children to be immersed in the fine arts, Greece is a great place to start. The historical Goulandris Modern Art Museum host works from Cézanne, Degas, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet just to name a few. Do some research to find out when the museum will be offering its educational programs and art workshops. These are good for kids as young as four years old.

Another option is to take a three-hour workshop at Pnyx Hill in Athens, also known as Painting the Parthenon. Your kids will work with a specialized painter and learn the basics like drawing and painting techniques, a combination of colors, and creating perspective in drawings. They provide you with a canvas and all the materials required to have some family fun.

You and your family can also dip their hands in pottery through the Athens Mythology Tour with potter. Purchasing this experience includes a shuttle from your hotel to the tour as long as it is not too far, a two-hour mythological walking tour capped with a two-hour pottery workshop.

Giver your children the opportunity to learn about the history of theater through the “Become An Ancient Athenian” workshop. This is super kid-friendly and it provides an opportunity for your children to express themselves through the art of theater since you all have traveled to its birthplace.

Get Some Excercise

What a fun way to get exercise than through a bike tour around Greece’s ancient monuments. Either booking a guided bike tour or wandering off on your own as a family, this is one the best ways to explore what Greece has to offer. You will not only ride past historical sites but also restaurants that sell some of the most delectable food Greece has to offer. Park your bikes nearby and enjoy some authentic Greek food. For example, you can take your family on a three-hour food tasting bike tour in which you travel around the city on bike tasting some of the best foods. If manual bike riding may be difficult, do not fret. There are also options for e-bikes you can utilize for you and your family.

Santorini Volcano Cruise

If you are looking for a little more adventure, taking this seven-hour cruise might be the option for you. With some stops before making it to the Santorini volcano, you can experience different aspects of this beautiful island, sailing across the lagoon to Nea Kameni, which is a small Greek volcanic island. You and your family will also have the opportunity to swim in the hot springs near the volcano. This cruise will also take you to the Instagrammable Thirasia before sailing you back to Athinios port. This short cruise is best for kids starting from three years old.

Try Some Cooking Classes

Get the authentic Greek experience by taking a traditional Mykonian cookery class at Mykonian Spiti. There you and your family will learn how to make spinach pie, tzatziki, Greek salad, and beef with orzo. The cooking teacher will not only give you a lesson on how to cook this traditional meal but will also educate you and your family about the traditional Mykonian way of life. This is also a great option for families with kids starting at three years old. After enjoying your meal, you can opt for a trip to the restaurant’s family farm and vineyard.

Take The Happy Train

Your little ones will love this one. You and your family will be toted around the city of Athens on a bright red train as a cheap and family-friendly way to check out the Plaka neighborhood and the Acropolis. It only costs five euros for adults and three euros for kids.

Santo Horse Riding

This is a guided tour of the Santorini landscape while on horseback. It is the perfect activity for the whole family, though this is best for children starting from seven to eight years old. They provide the horses staring from their farm. If you or your child does not know how to ride a horse, do not worry. The guides can teach riding techniques.

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