Choosing The Right Nursery Setting For Your Child

Choosing the right nursery setting for your child is a daunting prospect for any parent. Children learn so much from the people around them in those early years. No matter what age your child is starting nursery you will need to be happy with your chosen placement.

choosing the right nursery setting for your child

We have had two different nursery experiences with both of our children. They both went to different nurseries so we have had to make this important decision twice.

Choosing A Nursery For A Special Needs Child

When we were looking at nursery placements for Ethan we had just discovered that he could have autism. We wanted him to go to nursery to mix with other children. My mum was looking after him whilst I was at work and I wanted her to have a little break in the day. Even then Ethan was constantly on the go!

At first we were looking at a nursery that had more of a playgroup feel to it. Knowing that Ethan would need a lot of support we decided to look for an alternative. The support needed wasn’t just in the form of a keyworker but also a good SENCO as Ethan comes with lots of paperwork.

Ethan did experience some highs and lows at his nursery but it was the perfect support network. They helped start his long toilet training journey and helped get his placement at his Special Needs School.

We also had some great first experiences there; his first ever sports day and Christmas concert. Ethan attended his nursery until the term before his fifth birthday. It really was a great place for him.

Choosing A Nursery For Our Daughter

We had a nursery in mind for Little E but as her place wasn’t guaranteed we looked at different options. She ended up starting nursery earlier than expected but it turned out to be the wrong nursery for her. Something just didn’t feel right in the setting so we pulled her out. Sometimes you really do need to go with your gut feelings. Thankfully she was given a place at the nursery we original wanted her to attend.

Little E attended her nursery for two years. We wanted her to start at a nursery before she was three as she was a little delayed with her speech. This nursery also had lots of experience with children with special needs so if Little E displayed any red flags in her development they would know.

Little E said goodbye to her nursery a few weeks ago. It was sad that her time to move on has cone upon us so quickly.

Nursery Visit Checklist

The Wandsworth Preschool has produced a great nursery visit checklist to help you with your decision. There are some great suggestions on what you should look out for. Some of them I never even thought of.

I hope this checklist can help you choose the perfect nursery setting for your son or daughter.

nursery visit checklist Wandsworth Preshcool

DISCLOSURE – This post is in collaboration with The Wandsworth Preschool.

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