Little E Now That You Are Four…

Dear Little E,

Last month you celebrated your fourth birthday. Four, how did that even happen?! Next month you start school and I’m exited for you but I’m also getting nervous. You are ready to learn and I don’t think being the youngest in the year will be an issue for you.

mersea island pink beach hut

This past year has been full of adventures and new experiences for you. You have become a well-traveled little girl in the past year. You have visited Florida, The Bahamas and Paris. All Disney related trips and I think I might have given you expectations of any future trips. You are already making us aware that you want to go on another Disney Cruise!

little e disneyland paris sleeping beauty castle

You have always been a very independent little lady and I love that. You are the complete opposite of your brother but together you are the perfect pair. You are starting to show a shy side but you are never scared to say what you think. Don’t ever lose that. Even if it means you are giving the lady in the shoe shop the complete run around until you get the shoes you want.

little e watering the flowers

You have developed a love of flowers and plants which I have no idea about. Nanny spends hours telling you the names of all of the different flowers and has even got you a book that lists them all. You don’t get this from me at all. Me and plants just don’t mix.

susino umbrellas childrens rainbow coloured walking umbrella

This past six months has seen you embrace all things girly. The little girl who didn’t want a princess makeover last November is no longer around. Any costume will be worn, anything pink and sparkly must be yours. You even made some lovely friendships at nursery, it is so sad you had to say goodbye to them.

bibbidi bobbidi boutique disney dream princess makeover

We are starting to have some lovely mother and daughter moments. We went for a posh tea in London and have also had a few cinema trips. I was worried about separating you from your brother for treats at first but I think it is very important. You still aren’t really aware of your brothers struggles and you think his respite sessions are special treats for him. You aren’t missing out but until you can understand how important this time is for us we will continue to give you little treats.

beauty beast afternoon tea london

You still really enjoy your swimming lessons and this term you also started ballet. I think you are enjoying it and we will continue to go until you say you have had enough.

little e tinkerbell world book day

You are now at the stage of asking ‘Why’ questions. You never stop and I must admit sometimes I find it hard to keep up with you. Never stop asking questions even if I tell you I am busy. It shows you are eager to learn and that’s the most important part.

little e

I have really enjoyed our time together this year. I know it isn’t always easy being in our family but I hope our relationship continues to grow strong this year. There will be lots of new experiences for all of us and I really hope we embrace them all.

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