Clacton on Sea – An Afternoon For Ethan

I still haven’t been able to get out and about with both of the children on my own and I’m feeling guilty that Ethan is being stuck in the house. This means whenever Darren is home I make plans to get Ethan out. This has been hard because Little E has been feeding every two hours but she has started to go for a little bit longer in-between feeds. This means it doesn’t feel like we have to stop every five minutes and Ethan can get more attention from us.

So last weekend we headed to Clacton so Ethan could use the ride tokens that we had left from our last visit. As it was Ethan’s time we even let him choose which rides he wanted to go on by letting him lead us to them.

He took us to the swings first, we finally feel brave enough for him to go on this ride on his own!

Then Ethan wanted to go on the horses. 
Next he wanted to go on the spinners, it was my turn to go on a ride but I couldn’t spin it as fast as daddy without starting to feel ill!
Lastly it had to be the bumper cars, but the bumper car they choose didn’t go as fast as it did last time Ethan went on it. They still had fun!
Before it was time to leave we took Ethan for a walk along the pier so that he could say hello to the sea.
It was a beautiful day and so warm in the sun, a lovely day to have some Ethan time. 

9 thoughts on “Clacton on Sea – An Afternoon For Ethan”

  1. This looks like a lovely day, it can be difficult balancing time between a new born and the eldest so it’s great that you had a day for Ethan to enjoy himself and do what it was he wanted. He looks like he had a brilliant time, especially on the swings! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  2. That’s lovely and he looks like he’s had the best time. It can be tricky finding quality time for both, but it does get easier I think as you learn what works for you x

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