Crawling 9 Months Old

Last month Little E discovered how to move forwards. She perfected her commando crawl and she was off, there really was no stopping her.

This past week she has discovered her knees…


…and very slowly she worked on crawling using her hands and knees. Whenever she wanted to get somewhere quickly she would revert to her commando crawl.

Over the past few days she has really got her confidence and can now crawl quite quickly. She really is enjoying her new-found freedom and is really keeping us on our toes!

14 thoughts on “Crawling 9 Months Old”

  1. My Life As A Mummy

    Oh bless her! I am so glad she is crawling. She looks so determined in that video! Lucas still hasn’t found his knees! *sigh* AND I bet Little E will be walking before Lucas does lol!

    Laura x x x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      He will get there when he is ready. Ethan took forever to get started and then he did everything in a matter of weeks!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I have no idea of milestones they drive me insane lol. She really does love that she is on the move x

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