Easter Monday At Jimmy’s Farm

Our Easter Weekend was spent decorating the kids bedrooms, feels really weird saying kid’s! Knowing that Ethan was really struggling with missing his nursery routine we knew we would have to get him out of the house at some point during the weekend. We were looking forward to taking Ethan to our local Easter trail at our country park on the Sunday, but due to the bad weather we opted to taking him to our local soft play instead.

So after discovering Jimmy’s Farm via one of my FaceBook friends, and working out it wasn’t that far from us we decided we would take Ethan there on the Monday.

It turns out quite a lot of people had the same idea so the queue to get in was very long. This caused Ethan to have a bit of a sensory overload and to stop him having a meltdown I took him for a walk whilst Darren queued for us. Thankfully after the queue to get in and we were on the move, Ethan settled down and we were able to enjoy the day.

We made our way to the butterfly house first as Ethan can hum the word butterfly so I wanted to show him the real thing. It was very hot in there and Darren found it hard to cope with so we wasn’t in there long. We did visit later in the day and I was able to capture some great photos. Ethan kept wanting to touch the butterflies so we had to make sure he didn’t hurt any without stopping him from exploring the world around him.

Jimmys Farm


Jimmys Farm


Jimmys Farm
Jimmys Farm
We purchased some of the animal food when we entered the farm so that Ethan could feed the animals. Ethan had enjoyed feeding the goats at the zoo but for some reason he was unsure of the animals at the farm. The feeding was left for daddy to do! 


Jimmys Farm


Jimmys Farm


Jimmys Farm



Jimmys Farm



We didn’t explore the woodland walk or the den building area as my bump couldn’t take it, we had easily been on our feet for over three hours looking at all the animals. 
Before we left we treated ourselves to burgers and chips and I was able to take a photo of Ethan next to the spiderman cow, without holding him in place.
We had a lovely visit to Jimmy’s Farm and are looking forward to visiting again when I’m more mobile. Hopefully by then Ethan will be able to join in with some of the activities like the fishing without having lots of support form us. 


I’m linking this post to Country Kids over at Coombe Mill.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

4 thoughts on “Easter Monday At Jimmy’s Farm”

  1. What a lovely collection of animals they have there, I have seen a couple of posts and it looks like there is plenty to do, the queues suggest plenty of others agree too! Lovely photo of Ethan at the end. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

  2. Amazing photos (esp the macro flowers shots) of an amazing day with an amazing sipderman errr… spider cow =P #countrykids

  3. What a great family day out – I love the last photo of Ethan next to the Spidercow! How sweet that Ethan seemed to like the butterflies, perhaps on your next visit he will feel more at ease to feed the animals too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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