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Enjoying Disney on Ice Find Your Hero at the 02

At the start of January 2022, we were very lucky to be able to visit the London 02 Arena. We were surprising the children with a visit to watch Disney on Ice Find Your Hero. We have been taking Ethan to the Disney on Ice shows since he was 18 months old. Due to the pandemic, there were no shows in 2020. Covid infections did actually cancel some of the shows at the 02. We always book the last weekend of the schedule and thankfully our show could still take place.

Enjoying Disney on Ice Find Your Hero at the 02

Disney on Ice Find Your Hero

This Disney on Ice show includes segments from five Disney movies. These were The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Moana, Beauty and the Beast and not forgetting Frozen. I think every Disney on Ice show we have seen has contained Frozen since its release. Moana made its first appearance in the Disney On Ice 2019 show 100 Years of Magic. This time they were able to include a few more songs from Moana.

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The Little Mermaid is always a nice show to see in the production. It is another one of the Disney movies that they include quite a bit. The songs are nice and upbeat and the use of colour in the costumes is always amazing. The children always love clapping along to the music.

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My favourite is always Beauty and the Beast. The movie was released when I was eleven years old and it will always remain one of my firm favourites. Although I must admit we are loving the new movie Encanto and Little E has already declared she would love to see that on ice.

beast disney on ice find your hero

There was one very exciting moment for me during the Beauty and the Beast segment. They were clearly able to update some of the costumes for Disney on Ice Find Your Hero. The costumes for Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts and Chip have been updated to look more like the characters used in the live-action version of the film. The skater’s faces can now be clearly seen and are used as part of the costume. They are no longer using full-bodied costumes. I thought this was a great addition.

lumière disney on ice find your hero

Frozen is always a hit, even Darren likes it as he always films the Let It Go song moment on his phone. It is always amazing to see the snow they create for this section of the show. I bet it is fun to skate on the ice with the falling snow.

elsa let it go disney on ice find your hero

It was such a great experience watching a Disney on Ice show again even though we are still in the pandemic. We did have to show our covid passes before entering the 02 arena area. We also had to wear our face coverings. Little E didn’t need to and Ethan is exempt from wearing one. Though he does try to wear them at times.

ariel little mermaid

Our trip to the 02 ended with a 360 flight on the Emirates Air Line cable car. Ethan loves going on this so we like to try and make time for him to experience it whilst there.

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