Our Family Day Out!

Last week after much debating we decided that we would have a family day out in London. We would be meeting the Grandparents there so we would have support with both children.

For Ethan this would mean a day full of different experiences and the possibility that this would overload him. We would be traveling by train and tube to visit The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum. We were hoping that because it was term time it would be a little quieter but the museums were full of visiting schools.

Our first stop was The Natural History Museum to visit the dinosaurs. This is a word that Ethan can vocalise so it gave us the perfect excuse to visit.

The Natural History Museum The Natural History MuseumThe Natural History Museum

Our next stop was to visit The Science Museum so that Ethan could get his fix of pressing buttons and hopefully flashing lights.

The Science Museum The Science MuseumThe Science Museum

We finished the day with a meal at The Disney Cafe in Harrods.

The Disney Cafe Harrods

It was a very long day for our little guy but he did so well. We ate lunch in a very packed picnic area full of young children, Ethan sat with me and ate quite well. There were lots of people in The Natural History Museum and he was OK and pointed out every dinosaur he could see. He really enjoyed The Science Museum and he had lots of flapping and jumping moments.

The Disney Cafe at Harrods is a real hidden gem as it is very quiet, perfect for out little guy. We did experience a meltdown here because Ethan’s food was hot and he didn’t understand he needed to wait a little while.

On the train home we also had a fantastic meltdown with Ethan trying to open the doors because he wanted to get off of the train. We misjudged when we would be pulling into our station and our getting ready confused Ethan, it was also very late at night so I’m sure being tired played a part.

Overall we had a really good day out and our little superstar did so well with everything he experienced. We also let him have a quiet weekend recovering from his busy day.

10 thoughts on “Our Family Day Out!”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We really were, it was something I was very worried about but I’m so glad we did. I’m looking forward to visiting London as a family again x

  1. I’m so glad that the day went well, despite the little meltdowns (and I think we’d all have experienced the tired one on the train!). It must have been wonderful to spend a full day enjoying different experiences, well done Ethan xx

  2. Well done to Ethan for coping with such a big day out – sounds like he really enjoyed seeing the dinosaurs and going to the Science Museum. The Disney Cafe sounds fab too. So glad you enjoyed your day in London 🙂 #ssamazingachievements

  3. Well done Ethan! What a busy but fun filled day and he did so, so well. It does sound like tiredness played its part on the train. D always needs some quiet recovery time after a busy day too.
    Fab that you had some extra help!
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We always try to plan a quiet day after a busy one if we can. Even we need to rest after a day out x

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