Finding the Correct Bike For Our Family Cycling Needs

I always believed that having a bike is a right of passage growing up. I have fond memories of the time spent on my bike as a child. Even with a few cycling accidents thrown into the mix. Thankfully there were no broken bones just a few scrapes and bruises. I never really thought about cycling as an adult but it turns out we are a family who own four bikes.

Finding the Correct Bike For Our Family Cycling Needs

Ethan’s Bike

Learning to ride a bike is one of those challenges you have to overcome as a child. An important life skill but one I didn’t really think about until we had Ethan. Ethan’s autism makes most everyday activities a challenge for him but cycling is one I would like to overcome. We purchased a bike for Ethan for his sixth birthday. It wasn’t a purchase that I ever thought we would be able to make but Ethan proved he could use pedals during a school sports day.

Ethans Bike

Ethan does have to use stabilisers on his bike and we haven’t progressed much further with his balance. This doesn’t stop him enjoying cycling but we might have to look at a different way to meet his needs with cycling in the future.

My Bike

I decided to purchase a bike a few years ago. I wanted to get fitter and our town if very cycle friendly with lots of cycle paths and routes. When we have child-free days without any errands to run we go cycling as a couple. My aim for the future is for all of us to go cycling together as a family. We have to overcome a few hurdles first but hopefully we will be able to realise that dream.

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Darren’s Cycles

Darren is the proud owner of two bikes. His first bike was purchased to commute to work on the days that I needed the car. This is the bike that is used when we go out cycling together. If this bike wasn’t purchased I doubt I would now own a bike.

The second bike he owns is an electric bike. When Darren’s cycling commute to work increased he started to complain about all of the hills he had to climb. He started to research electric bikes and I was able to treat him to one as a Christmas gift. This was after he drove me mad sending me website links to different electric bikes.

Little E’s Bike

We are yet to purchase a bike for Little E. I’m hoping that it will be her birthday gift this year. She hasn’t really shown an interest in having her own bigger bike yet. I think that might be because she is having too much fun with her scooter at the moment. I’m hoping that when Little E gets a bike it might advance Ethan a little with his cycling journey.

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