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Word Of The Week – Disneyland

I haven’t written a word of the week for a few weeks now as we have been so busy. There are lots of changes going on at home that are keeping us on our toes. My first post of the year was about the change that this year will bring for us. It really is proving to be the case. The start of our busy period was rewarded over the half term week with a surprise trip to Disneyland Paris for the children. So this week our word of the week has to be


We returned on Sunday evening and Little E hasn’t stopped talking about our adventures since. We were worried about visiting so soon after going to Walt Disney World but it was lovely to see the children’s reactions to the different park. I think Ethan might have preferred Paris because it was smaller and fewer people. I guess it would be a different story in the summer months.

We have all been fighting illness this month too. It feels like we have been moving from one cough or cold to another. Ethan has also had to have some sick days from school which upsets his routine. It always feels like February can be the month when illness strikes in our family. I think we escaped it last year but the year before was a complete nightmare.

I feel like I have been chasing my tail all week catching up from having a week out of the loop so to speak. I’m always on the computer it can range from working to just doing house hold bits and bobs. I like it when we go away and get out of the house as it gives me a real break. Working from home means your home is also your office, I really believe that having that break is a good thing.

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9 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Disneyland”

  1. It’s great to hear you had such a good time at Disneyland Paris, I think you chose the perfect time to go with there being less crowds. February is always a bad health month, I don’t know anybody who has escaped illness this month x #WotW

  2. I saw a lot of your photos in social media. Such a lovely trip!

    Hope the cough will be gone soon. I thought that we are lucky that we didnt catch any and then we did as well. So like you its been a week of cough.


  3. Jade @ Captured By Jade

    A lovely word for the week – I hope you all had a wonderful time & that the break did you all the world of good #WotW

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