First Time Going On The Zip Wire Alone

We have visited quite a few playgrounds over the summer holidays trying to keep the children busy. we tried to visit them early so that they have been quiet enough for Ethan to enjoy them. Sometimes we have just been lucky to visit at a quiet time. One of the playgrounds we visited had a zip wire. As it was so quiet we were able to take the time for Ethan to experience his first time going on the zip wire alone.

Ethan had been on a zip wire once before with Darren at our local park. Our local park is very busy so we tend to avoid the playground at weekends. This means that Ethan hasn’t been on the zip wire since.

Darren had to place Ethan on the zip wire and show him how to cross his legs to keep himself in place. Ethan was a little scared and I was scared that he was going to let go. Thankfully Darren likes to push us and he didn’t give up. With a few attempts Ethan was riding the zip wire by himself.

Each time Ethan rode the zip wire he gained more confidence. Darren liked to make the zip wire go fast which Ethan loved. He still couldn’t get on the zip wire himself and still needed to be pushed to move forward. I think this was more of a height issue than an understanding issue.

First Time Going On The Zip Wire Alone

Ethan had so much fun on the zip wire. I’m so glad that this playground was quiet the day we visited. It gave us the time to show Ethan what to do. We will just have to try to get to our local park a little earlier so that Ethan can try the zip wire again.

First Time Going On The Zip Wire Alone

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