Friday Fun – Gateau au Yaourt

Last week the lovely Aedín from Mini and Mum baked a Gateau au Yaourt and linked up the post to Small Steps Amazing Achievements.

If you hadn’t quite guessed from my post title it’s a French cake but the ingredients are measured in these…

…yoghurt pots. Wow I thought, a cake with easy to measure ingredients, we must give this a go! 
So yesterday we did. For Friday Fun we would be attempting my first ever, not out of a packet, cake.
As always I set everything up before calling Ethan into the kitchen. You can find a full list of the ingredients required on Aedín’s blog. 
Now there was lots going on in the kitchen yesterday to occupy Ethan’s mind, I had both the dishwasher and the washing machine running, but with my use of counting and ‘Ready, Steady, Go! Ethan engaged really well. He even poured some of the ingredients into the bowl all by himself.  
I decided to mix some chocolate chip’s into our cake mix and as always chocolate stops Ethan in his tracks as he tucks in.  


We put the cake mix in the oven and baked our first official cake.


It come out a little burnt around the edges but it tasted fantastic. I also have a double oven and I think the top section is meant to be for the cake baking so when this one is all gone we will make it again trying the top oven. This means I better dig out those instruction books!



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