Amazing Progress with Writing and Drawing

Ethan really is showing so much progress since returning to school in September and we have been seeing this at home. He has been showing a real interest in letters and writing the alphabet. He even came home with a star of the week award for his spelling. This past weekend Ethan showed us that he has made amazing progress with writing and drawing. It started when I noticed that Ethan had written out the word cat.


I did a double take and double checked with Darren that he hadn’t written it and I also spotted that Ethan had attempted to draw a cat under the word.

Ethan is very much a logo boy, he watches idents on You Tube and at the weekend it was the turn of watching the BBC News headlines. With his iPad next to him the next thing I spotted was that he had written BBC News.


Ethan didn’t stop there he then decided to show off his copying skills he decided to copy the LG logo.

writing-drawing-1 writing-drawing-2

Ethan has never really been able to draw so this was amazing for us to see. The fact that he is also bringing home the skills that he has learnt at school is fantastic. I have no idea if we can harness these new skills in any way but I’m sure his school will know how to.

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