Fun With Caterpillar Construction Toys REVIEW

Fun With Caterpillar Construction Toys REVIEW

Caterpillar Construction Toys have a new range of vehicles available this year. These include a new Steel Dump Truck and Construction Fleet Sand Sets. Little E has been asking when we can go to the beach to play. So with the offer of reviewing these new items from Funrise Toys. I knew we would have the perfect opportunity to spend some time at the beach.

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Fun With Caterpillar Construction Toys REVIEW

The New Caterpillar Construction Toys

CAT Steel Dump Truck

Just like the real thing this dump truck is built with sturdy steel and large wheels. This 17-inch vehicle is ready to transport its load and use its real working tilting payload bucket to unload it.

cat steel dump truck

Real Cat machines are known for their high-quality build and this dump truck is no different. It has a lifetime guarantee and is perfect for tackling any indoor or outdoor jobs your children wish to throw at it!


Construction Fleet Sand Sets

Both Construction Fleet Sand Sets come with a hard hat, shovel, and rake. Safety comes first when working in construction so you can wear your Caterpillar hard hat with pride. The shovel and rake can be used separately or they can snap together giving you the tools to help excavate your construction site.

ethan caterpillar hard hat shovel rake

Wheel Loader Set

The wheel loader set also comes with a push-powered 10-inch freewheeling vehicle. It has an articulated front scoop perfect for construction role play.

wheel loader construction fleet sand set

Dump Truck Set

The dump truck set also comes with a push-powered 10-inch freewheeling vehicle. It has a hinged payload bucket perfect for construction role play.

dump truck construction fleet sand set

What Do The Children Love About The Caterpillar Construction Toys?

The steel dump truck is the toy that Ethan played with the most. It is the biggest of the Caterpillar toys we were reviewing and it must have felt the right size for him.

ethan scooping stones cat steel dump truck caterpillar construction toys
ethan steel dump truck caterpillar construction toys

Ethan spent ages loading up the truck and moving it down to the sea to unload. Ethan plays in a different way because of his autism and this was lovely to see. This was the second time he has really interacted with a beach toy. The first time was last year when he played with a bucket at the beach.

little e wheel loader dump truck caterpillar construction toys

While Ethan played with the big truck Little E played with the smaller vehicles from the sand sets.

little e wheel loader sea caterpillar construction toys

The wheel loader scooped up the wet sand and moved it further into the sea. The dump truck also helped to transport it.

little e wheel loader caterpillar construction toys

Both children opted to use the shovel and rake as a combined scoop.

little e wheel loader scooping sand caterpillar construction toys

You can see the fun they had at the beach with the Caterpillar construction toys in our video below.

What Do I Love About The Caterpillar Construction Toys?

I love how both children played together with these toys. Even though Ethan commandeered the steel dump truck they played in harmony together. It was a lovely thing to witness and we left them to play for as long as they wanted to on the beach.

ethan little e caterpillar construction toys

It is understandable that the CAT steel dump truck comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can see and feel the quality of this truck. That doesn’t mean that the smaller sand set vehicles aren’t built with the same quality. They are just made with a different material, plastic. The smaller vehicles are just as strong and I’m sure we will have many beach days playing with these construction toys. These toys are perfect for any child who loves their trucks for both inside and outside play.

DISCLOSURE – We received the Caterpillar Construction Toys as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

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