It’s Time To Think About Some DIY Garden Improvements

It’s Time To Think About Some DIY Garden Improvements

Our house has been our home for over nine years now. I can’t believe how quickly that time has flown! During Darren’s furlough, there has been talk of starting some DIY around the children’s home schooling. We often discuss how we can turn our garden into a lovely outside entertaining space. But first our garden really needs some tender loving care and we need to think about some small DIY garden improvements to give it the love it needs.

its time to think about some diy garden improvements

The DIY Garden Improvements That Will Give Our Garden Some Love

Grass Care

The ground our house sits on it quite boggy. Every year our grass has to be treated to clear it of moss and weeds. It takes a long time to come back to a nice looking lawn but it is still very patchy. I think it’s time we need to think about putting new turf on our lawn. Darren is desperate to use Astroturf in our garden but I think our garden is too much of a suntrap to use it. I have heard reports that it can become quite hot to touch in the sun.

Painting The Garden Fences

This is something we should have done as soon as we moved into our house. It is something we have just never got around too. It really is time to treat our fence and think about a garden fence paint that will give it a new lease of life. The paint will help protect the wood from the elements as well as changing the way our garden looks if we pick different colour paint.

Adding Some Flowers

I’m not a gardener or one for flowers unless I receive a nice bouquet delivery. Having hayfever really doesn’t help the cause. But Little E takes after my mum and she loves flowers. She has a huge interest in the names of different flowers and she loves spending time in nannies garden that is full of beautiful flowers.

With this in mind, I think now is the time to add flowers into our garden. We only have a small garden and we were very conscious about giving the children enough grass to play on. Now it’s time to add some colour for Little E. A place that she can help to design, create, and also look after.

The three simple DIY Garden Improvements will really give our garden a new lease of life. I just hope we can find the time in all this craziness to make these changes happen.

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