Gaining an ASA Duckling Award 1

I have been taking Little E to swimming lessons since Ethan started school. With Darren’s shift patterns we have been able to take it in turns to go into the water with her. At the end of last term, before the summer holidays Little E was awarded her ASA Duckling Award 1.

asa duckling award 1

Last Easter Little E moved from the small teaching pool to the bigger swimming pool. She was the youngest in the class and although she had outgrown the baby group, I wondered if she was ready for this bigger group. When she first started the lessons she wasn’t listening to the teachers instructions and became afraid of the teacher. Whenever she had to do the underwater swimming to the teacher, something she had loved, she would scream the place down and cling to us.

Suddenly a few weeks before the summer holidays something clicked. Little E was listening to the teacher’s instructions and she was really starting to try to swim. I was excited to tell Darren about this development as it had been my turn to take her to the swimming lessons. The teacher also noticed the change in Little E and on the last lesson of the term Little E gained her ASA Duckling Award 1.

With Little E’s improvement I really wanted to take both children swimming in the summer holidays but we just didn’t get around to it. I wondered if our return in September would mean a step backwards because of the swimming break, but last weeks lesson was the best yet. Little E has really gained in confidence and wanted to swim under the water as many times as possible.

Her new-found confidence is amazing but Little E does think that she can swim on her own. She hasn’t worked out the woggles are helping to keep her afloat. She will happily cast them aside and then start to sink. Her arm and leg movements aren’t quite strong enough to support her. I really don’t think it will be long until our little lady takes off in the water on her own.

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