Great Notley Discovery Centre

The sun definitely came out to play this weekend and we have spent most of the time outdoors. Darren even got to cook us dinner on a disposable BBQ yesterday, something he really enjoys doing. 

This morning we met up with friends to have a picnic lunch. We did have to have a change of plan as we were meant to meet at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, but today they were holding the Race for Life, so we decided to meet at Great Notley Discovery Centre Park. This is somewhere we have wanted to visit for a while with Ethan but just haven’t had a spare weekend.  
Great Notley Discovery Centre Park is filled with lots of play areas for Children, all with different themes and there are lots of moving parts. A perfect place for Ethan to explore.
It was really nice and quiet when we got there and the first area we came across was the water area so we let Ethan take a look around. 
After Ethan was well and truly soaked we decided to find somewhere to have our picnic. We walked along the play path and found a spot in the shade of a tree near the sand play area. 
Unfortunately as we tucked into our lunch Ethan had seen the swings and poor Darren was taken off to play, they were gone for quite a while, and when they came back Ethan was exhausted. We sat in the shade for quite a while but the heat and hay fever overtook us and we soon decided to call it a day. 
On the way back to the car Darren stopped for a spin!   
Before getting back in the car we let Ethan cool off again in the water play area. 
We really enjoyed the park but the heat really did get the better of us and hay fever just made it unbearable in the end. We will visit again so that we can explore more of the playgrounds. 

8 thoughts on “Great Notley Discovery Centre”

  1. Wow, N would love the water play area parts. We don’t seem to have anything similar near us, so will have to investigate further. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Ethan looks so happy playing in the water playground, and what a great idea to cool off on such a hot day. Thanks for sharing your sunny fun with Country Kids.

  3. sabrina montagnoli

    Lots of smiles in the pictures! Hay fever is such a pain! We are always distracted from our picnic to go & play unless there are offers of crisps of course 🙂

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