Sharing Grapes!

It was quite a low week for me last week, Ethan was ill and we had to endure a terrible doctors appointment, but despite that Thursday brought with it a wonderful Magic Moment. 

Believe it or not Ethan has started to eat grapes, something I’m going to share with you all as part of this weeks Small Steps Amazing Achievements, and on Thursday our food shopping delivery arrived with this wonderful new snack. 
I prepared a bowl for Ethan and placed them in the front room to see what he would do, I have decided the no pressure tactic works best for us. I watched him as he started to tuck in and then to my amazement he picked one up and come over to me, arm held out, and put the grape up to my mouth for me to have. I quickly had to get over my personal fears of ‘I don’t eat red grapes!’ and accepted his gift. His face just beamed at me as I ate this grape. 
Now Ethan has shared snacks before with his Grandad or Daddy but they have always asked him if they can have some and they only pretend to take a bite. So the fact that Ethan decided that he wanted to share his grapes with me was amazing, a truly magical moment. 
We shared the remaining grapes between us, Ethan would eat one and then he would bring one to me. Every time I took ate his gift he smiled and even clapped me, we both enjoyed this so much that I even made us a second bowl of grapes. 
After such an emotionally draining week it was so nice to connect with my little boy like this, our little Magic Moment!

16 thoughts on “Sharing Grapes!”

  1. Glad he’s better now, it’s always horrible when they’re ill. Lovely moment that he now eats grapes. Made me chuckle about your dislike of red grapes. I thought you might say you quickly took it back out when he wasn’t watching 🙂

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      lol, I didn’t think of that. I’m glad that Ethan is also pushing me to do new things too. I’m learning so much about myself.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Yes we do have to do this quite a lot, yet today I show him a lime and he tries to put it in his mouth!

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