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Halloween Walk At The Country Park

Our country park holds lots of events throughout the year. I always plan on going, but something always gets in the way! So I was determined to take Ethan there for the self-guided Halloween walk this year. It was described as having a Halloween trail to follow and was advertised for over four-year-olds. I was a little worried if Ethan would understand the trail if we had to follow and collect clues.

When we arrived we went to the visitor centre to collect the map. I was pleased to see that the Halloween Walk was a lotto game. We had to find the Halloween themed pictures along the trail. Perfect for our little guy. It was £1.00 to take part but because Ethan was in fancy dress he could take part for free.

darren ethan skeleton onesie halloween walk highwoods country park
darren ethan halloween walk highwoods country park

Our Halloween Walk

With the map and lotto sheet in hand we set off ready to look for the Halloween pictures.

bat sign halloween walk highwoods country park
darren ethan scary mask sign halloween walk highwoods country park
ethan little e ghost clue halloween walk highwoods country park
little e ethan marking off ghost clue

It was a very simple activity but perfect for Ethan. He looked for the pictures and helped Darren cross them off.

We even found a carved wooden owl on our travels.

carved wooden owl
darren ethan carved wooden owl

We walked for just over a mile, perfect for Ethan’s little legs. Ethan found all the clues and won a lolly when the completed lotto sheet was handed in. Daddy soon ate that!

The only thing I did think was a shame was that they didn’t dress any part of the wood with spiders, cobwebs, ghosts, or witches. I think they would have been fun but perhaps they aren’t allowed to do that.

I’m hoping to do this again next year as it was nice to get out in the fresh air and take part in an activity that Ethan understands. It also gave Ethan a reason to dress up for Halloween as we haven’t embraced trick or treating yet.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Walk At The Country Park”

  1. It’s great that you found a Halloween activity that suited Ethan. It looks like a fun task, it’s great that he got involved and dressed up as well. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  2. sabrina montagnoli

    This sounds perfect for my little man too. He is not big on Halloween and finds,most of it scary. I just about got him to dress up for his nursery party. Great Ethan enjoyed it and was able to take part.

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