Happy Anniversary, Six Years Today

Today is our six year anniversary. This is the first time in six years that we actually have the day off together thanks to Darren’s paternity leave. We already went out for a child free lunch together on Monday but we haven’t made any plans for today.

At 7.30pm we will light our unity candle to mark the day. Our ceremony started at 2.30pm Florida time so we light it at the correct time in England as Florida is five hours behind.

We will also try to watch our wedding video with Ethan, something we have shared with him for the past few years. This will probably end with me in tears, at least this year I can blame the hormones!

This year is obviously a very different year for us, as this year we mark our wedding anniversary as a family of four. Our little family is complete.

I love looking back at our wedding day, I enjoyed every minute of being a Disney Bride. It really was a day to remember.







I really don’t know what the next few years will bring for our family but I really hope in four years time we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary where we were married, Walt Disney World!

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