Drinking Juice – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Ethan has very restricted food choices, it makes dinner times a nightmare. Sometimes we have good weeks, sometimes we have bad. It can be a very frustrating adventure! 

We also have the same issue with what Ethan drinks. He would only drink water and milk from his beaker. He dropped his milk drinking a while ago, so this just left us with water. Not that this is an unhealthy option but I would love to be able to offer him different choices. It would also mean we could work on his communication skills at the same time by giving him choices. 

As always Ethan likes to prove us wrong. Since he has been drinking from a cup I have noticed that in Ethan’s nursery book they had been writing that he has had orange or apple juice in a cup. So I questioned it and they confirmed that he had been trying the different drinks. 

This meant that we started to try him with some different drinks at home. He has tried orange, blackcurrant and lemonade. He does pull some funny faces at the new tastes but it is a fantastic step in expanding his tastes. 

A very small step, but one that has come from Ethan breaking the bond with his beaker and learning to drink from a cup.

4 thoughts on “Drinking Juice – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I’m so glad that he is trying different things, but we are trying to stick to water for his teeth. I would like him to go back to drinking milk but I won’t battle him to do this.

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