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Healthy Food Habits for our Kids: Where do we begin?

It’s not a surprise for you that diet plays a vital role in your baby’s growth, development and well-being. It all starts from the very beginning while being pregnant and continues during their whole life. The saying “we are what we eat” is a complete truth and in order to live a long and healthy life we need to control the food we consume. And the process of forming the right balanced diet starts in childhood.

Parents themselves have the strongest influence on their kids. It’s their responsibility to help their children to build good relationships with food and eat healthy, fresh and organic products. They first start with breast milk or enriching baby formula, later move on to some baby snacks like organic baby oatmeal or pouches and finally, they end up with solids. By teaching your child healthy eating habits from the very beginning, you show them how to maintain a normal weight and good physical and mental health that will work in adult life later. It’s not an overwhelming task for you as you can stick to simple rules that won’t take a lot of time and effort. So, let’s take them into account.

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What Can You do to Teach Your Kid Healthy Food Habits?

1. Be the right model for your baby

Parents are the most important people in their kids’ lives, and that’s why they are the biggest model of behaviour.  You can notice how your little one copies your moves during the first years of life. It’s not a surprise that he or she wants to eat and drink the same as you do. You need to choose and consume good quality products yourself and give them to your child. Show how you enjoy eating healthy foods like veggies, fruits, cereals, dairy products and others. Moreover, it’s very important to have your meals in the right portions, not to overeat and eat slowly. These are very important factors during the process of eating.

2. Eat at least 5 colours a day

This habit can be not only healthy but also quite entertaining for kids. The main idea of 5 colours is to have foods of different nutritional groups that are rich in various vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. You definitely know that a child needs to get a lot of useful elements as they help him or her to develop timely. And we have a good idea to make it easier and funnier. You can make a special food diary and stick it to the fridge. While eating some colours, a child can tick them and get some presents while completing the task for the day.

3. Choose food and cook together

Going to the grocery shop with your loved one is a great idea. You can show them by your own example how to find organic healthy food and what food products are better to skip. While looking around, you can explain to your child what should be found on the plate. Then you can cook meals together. Maybe your child will be enjoying this process and this will become your common hobby. It would also be more interesting for them to eat something that they made themselves.

4. Create table rules

The process of eating is quite important. A child should fully understand what he is eating and how it affects his health. That’s why you need to set up some basic rules. For example, the first rule should be eating at the table but not in a bed or a different place. That way a child will understand that the table is only for eating, and while sitting at it, they don’t play or study. In addition, it reduces the risk of choking and teaches some table manners. Don’t play any videos while eating as they will definitely distract your little one. And try to teach your child to eat slowly. It usually takes about 20 minutes for the brain to understand that they are full. So eating slowly is a good habit for weight control.

5. Encourage children to drink more water

Water is vitally important in our lives. So children should learn to drink their normal amount of water during the day. Buy clean mineral water that will be safe and pleasant to drink. Moreover, avoid giving sugary drinks, sodas or sweet juices to your kid. Only natural and healthy ingredients.

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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