healthy lifestyle look your age and no older

Healthy lifestyle – look your age (and no older)

OK. Picture the scene. It’s one of those days in the office when the WiFi isn’t working. Everyone blames the high-viz-jacketed workforce outside for maybe cutting through a cable, but they’ve been digging up bits of the ground all week with no problems, which leads you to believe that, actually, someone hasn’t paid the broadband bill.

healthy lifestyle look your age and no older

Whatever the cause for your impromptu respite from work, you and your colleagues start chatting. Some people take a cigarette break. Others trying to quit go along to vape – see if you’re trying to go smoke-free.

People from desks within earshot start joining in – people with whom you’ve only ever shared a ‘nodding thanks’ after they held the door. And then, this happens: “no, go on, seriously, guess … how old do you think I look?”.

The French apprenticeship guy, called Guy, is clearly about 18, so no worries upsetting his feelings with a wayward stab in the dark as high as 22. Then, there are a few others in their 20s who look like it and get called on it about as fairly as you’d expect. Now the pressure is building. The people in their 30s and 40s await their turn. Will they look as young as they hope?

No. You’re 34 and everyone thinks you’re 40 ish, maybe even 42. Great. Meanwhile, someone who actually IS aged 42 is told they look 34, and they don’t even diet or exercise half as much as you lie that you do. What gives?!

If you look older than your years, you need lifestyle change help.

Kick the 20 a day

Smoking ages the skin – a 40-year-old smoker has the skin of a 70-year-old non-smoker. Apparently. There’s a raft of other concerns, too, like cancer and stroke, but for now, let’s focus on the ageing thing.

You need to quit. It’s hard, but help is available. In most cases, you only need to sweat it out for anywhere between 4 – 12 weeks and you’ll have kicked the habit for good.

Sleep, perchance to dream

Sleep is great. Sleep is when your body repairs itself. If you don’t get at least six hours per night, every night, your risk of obesity goes up by 23%. That’s a statistic to make you think twice. Almost one in four people skimping on sleep end up looking (and feeling) far from their best.

Drink up (whether you want to or not)

The guidelines surrounding how much water to drink per day are somewhat confusing. Eight glasses (or 2 litres) was the rule for a long time. But the supporting research appears to be quite thin.

The best advice is to pay attention to thirst – many people ignore thirst through fear of needing a toilet break at an inopportune moment over the next two hours. This is bad for your health. Instead, drink up, look young, be happy (and healthy!).

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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