It Feel’s Like Autism Is Everywhere!

I don’t know if it is now the fact that we are autism aware that our eyes have suddenly been opened to a whole new world but everyday we stumble across more and more autism reference’s in our everyday life.

Every newspaper I pick up at the moment contains an article that has a reference to autism. 

The gas man that came to service our boiler has two autistic children. 

I can pass someone in the street now and notice if they are struggling with a sensory issue.

I have gone from not knowing anyone with any links to autism to now feeling that everyone I know is affected by autism in some why.

Not that I’m moaning, every person I stumble across that can give me any advise is very much appreciated, I’m just amazed how I never noticed this before but I suppose until something crosses your path you are blind to it. 

I think we can safely say we are autism aware, are you?

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