Ethan’s Learning Journey

Last weekend Ethan’s nursery sent home his learning journey so we could take the time to look through it and see his progress and the things he gets up to whilst there. It was lovely seeing all the photos and all the craft activities they do with him as that is something I really struggle with getting him to take part in. I took some photos to share with you all…





I love the poems with his feet and hand prints and it’s fantastic to actually see the photos of him helping to create some of the items they have sent home for us. The photos above are of the Christmas gift he brought home. 
It was tough deciding to send Ethan to nursery, as I’m sure it is for every parent, but to know he is getting the chance to do things there that we don’t have the time to do at home or he won’t do at home as he doesn’t understand is fantastic.
Keep up the good work Ethan we are so proud of you!

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