Kids vs Parents Little Tikes Games Night Challenge

Little Tikes recently launched a new board games range. The games in the range include the Crazy Blender Game, the Crazy Toaster Game and Hot Hoops. Little Tikes challenged us to go head-to-head with our children and take part in a Kids vs Parents Little Tikes Games Night. They sent us the Crazy Toaster Game and Hot Hoops games. As well as vouchers for a movie and a family takeaway.

little tikes games night challenge

Our Little Tikes Games Night

We decided to play the Crazy Toaster Game first. Ethan wasn’t interested in joining us with this game. He was too interested in what he had found on the TV. The Crazy Toaster was lots of fun. I think there was a little bit of cheating going on but we declared Little E the winner.

We played Hot Hoops next. This game grabbed Ethan’s attention and he came to join us. This game was definitely more competitive. The children both love it and have played it together quite a few times since our games night. This is very rare in our house as Ethan struggles with the concept of games.

Who was victorious in our kids vs parents games night challenge. I think if we were really keeping score the parents won. Being that we are big softies we let the children win. You can see how our Little Tikes Games Night went in the video below.

Little Tikes Crazy Toaster Game

little tikes games crazy toaster

Talk about a game to get you moving! The crazy toaster pops up the toasted bread and you have to catch it in your frying pan. The first person to catch-all of the toast they need on their place mat card wins. This Little Tikes game is for 2 to 4 players and is for ages 5+. It has a RRP of £16.99.


Little Tikes Hot Hoops Game

little tikes games hot hoops

Hot Hoops is a double-sided basketball game. This game can be played by one or two players. With two players get ready for a very competitive game. The aim of the game is to get both of your basketballs into the other players side. This Little Tikes game is for ages 5+. It has a RRP of ££19.99.


DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Little Tikes Crazy Toaster and Hot Hoops games for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products. *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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