Little E – 11 Months Old

Dear Little E,

Today you are 11 months old, 4 more weeks and my little baby will be one. This year really has gone too fast.

You have done so much this month and it feels like you have really grown up before our eyes. You will soon be a toddler, a very exciting time for us all!

This month you have learnt how to pull yourself up into standing and over the past few days you have been working on your balance. You think it is very funny that you can now let go of your support and stand on your own. Today you have even started to cruse the sofa, we are wondering if you will be walking by your birthday and if we should buy you some shoes.


We had some rough nights because of teething but you finally have your bottom teeth. I don’t think your top two teeth will be that far behind.


With the help of nanny you have discovered tea and drinking from our cups. If you see me with a cup of tea you try to pull yourself up onto my lap to have some. You also like to hold the cups handle and we do end up having a bit of a fight over it! We have even given you your own cup of tea in a small Barney cup that I have.


After not really getting on with the second stage weaning purees we are embracing baby led weaning. You have mastered eating toast and you now have wraps for lunch. Pasta is not a problem for you and you eat it whole. We are leaning to let you try everything and we are amazed at how well you are doing with everything you try.


You have already had your second hair cut but this time you had a full trim. At ten months old you have had layers cut into your hair!


I’m really enjoying the baby groups we are going to and I’m amazed at the confidence you have. You are quite happy to leave my side and get right in the middle of the action, wanting to know about everything that is going on. You do race over to check on me and you always have a beaming smile.

This month you were even awarded a certificate at Baby Ballet.


This month we also went to see In The Night Garden Live and you got so excited when you saw Upsey Daisy. I did wonder if it would appeal to you at such a young age but you loved every minute of it.


You really are a cheeky little lady and you amaze us every day.


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