Little E – 17 Months Old

Dear Little E,

Today you are 17 months old and suddenly we are noticing that you are our little girl, all traces of baby are well and truly gone. I have no idea how it happened so quickly but looking back at photos you have really grown up these past six months.


This past month we have been busy with our day-to-day routine and trying to prepare for Christmas. You have had to miss a few of your classes due to illness or appointments but you did get to attend the Sing and Sign Christmas party which you loved. In true Little E style you were into everything!


You babble away to us all the time, and it’s lovely to hear but I have realised you like to command us. You will bring me items and let me know that it is my job to entertain you. You do keep me on my toes and you know what you want.

You do definitely have a ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ used in the correct context. You can also say ‘Bubble’ but think the bauble’s on the Christmas trees are bubble’s but we are happy to go with that. I think there was also a Daddy in context when we were out shopping the other day. We have also had a few ‘Did she just say that moments’ and I’m sure you said ‘cheese’ today when I was trying to take a photo of Ethan.  


You are still happy to hum/sing Twinkle Twinkle but have added Jingle Bells into this over the past week.

You have got very attached to me and will easily cry if I leave the room. You have become my little shadow and I secretly love this attention. I have also noticed that when I hold you, you try to steer me in the direction you want to go. You do make me laugh.

Your hair has got so long and I’m desperate not to cut a fringe in. I’m so sorry for the ponytail on top of head look, but I need to keep the hair out of your eyes. I can’t keep you still long enough to put bunches in your hair!


We have introduced you to using a spoon and you love this independence.


You won’t eat anything now unless you are trying to feed yourself. We found it hard to adjust to the mess at first but you have mastered it quite quickly and feeding time doesn’t feel as messy now. Perhaps we have got used to letting you get on with it.


We went to Lapland UK last week so that you could meet Father Christmas. You really enjoyed the day, so much more than I thought you would. You took part in all of the activities and loved exploring the Elf Village.

LaplandUK_2015_214 LaplandUK_2015_213 LaplandUK_2015_210 LaplandUK_2015_25

We were absolutely exhausted but it was a fantastic day. You even took the overnight stay in the hotel in your stride but I think we learnt from our Legoland experience and let you stay in the bed with me.

You have been a fantastic guide for your brother over the past few months and have introduced him to lots of new things. This week you even showed us that you can use a straw, something your brother has never been able to do but he was soon following suit.

I’m so looking forward to Christmas with you this year I’m sure Christmas morning will be an amazing experience for you, and us all.

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