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Word Of The Week – Illness

This week our word of the week was going to be croup but considering we are now all feeling a bit out of sorts our word of the week is


Last week we ended the week with Ethan having a mild case of croup. We kept him in, resting for most of the week but by Monday he was ready to go back to school.

Little E was OK and on Wednesday we thought that she had a cold, perhaps due to teething. On Thursday morning the barking cough was present and we could hear how husky her voice was. We took her to see the doctor and croup was confirmed. The doctor gave us one dose of steroid to help the swelling in her throat which we were glad about but Little E didn’t like the taste and brought a lot of it back up. So we have spent the past two days letting her rest and watching and listening to her breathing. This is the first time Little E has been ill and I really hope is passes quickly as she is so uncomfortable.

Darren woke up this morning with flu, I say this morning, it came on Thursday night and he didn’t sleep at all. So I was sent on a Tesco run for medicines. Darren is rarely ill but when he is it hits him hard.

I thought I was alright but tonight I have started to feel rough. So it looks like illness wanted to hit us all this week. Lets hope it will be over and done with for Christmas.

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