Little E – 23 Months Old

Dear Little E,

I’m sorry another late update from me as you have been keeping me on my toes! On Saturday you turned 23 months old. You’re nearly there, you are nearly two!


This month has been a big month for you, it feels like you have gained lots of new words that have really helped with your communication. You learnt the word ‘No’ during our stay at Center Parcs. You use it all the time as a reply to any questions that we ask, which can be funny at times, but you are now letting us know your opinion with it. You can also say again and more, more is a pretty new word so again was being used when you did want more of something. Just these three words feel like our whole way of taking to you has changed.

You are also repeating so many things that we say, of course not perfectly but it is so sweet to hear. We also feel like your understanding has come on too. We also have a new game where you bring us your nappy when you need to be changed. You get very excited by this and there have also been a few times that you have made us aware that you need to be changed.

Your confidence has also soared and you really enjoyed the play park and are also making use of your brothers slide in the garden.

CenterParcsPlayground2 TheSlide1

You have loved the garden this month and we have enjoyed water play and driving around in the Little Tikes car.

LittleE2 LittleE3LittleE7

You have always been very aware of things around you but this month you have really been exploring. You have been finding bugs in the garden and have been discovering flowers when we have been going for walks. It’s lovely to see the world through your eyes.

LittleE4 LittleE5

You have also been attached to your toddle bike whenever you get the chance. It’s just another thing that proves to me how much you have changed this month as it hasn’t really been an interest to you until now.


You are really getting a cheeky personality and it is really starting to shine through. You do have moments when you aren’t happy with us, and you really aren’t a morning person, but your improving words and understanding is really going to make turning two lots of fun.


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