little e ethan playing paddling pool

Our Siblings During June 2016

June 2016 has been very tough for our siblings as they are having to learn how to share. This isn’t helped by the fact that Ethan is now in full big brother mode. He has worked out that he can easily wind Little E up by taking away or playing with some of her favorite toys.

It hasn’t been easy and has been a big contrast from the week that they enjoyed together at Center Parcs. At times I have felt like a referee and have been sick of the sound of my own nagging. Through all of the noise and the crying that this life lesson has brought with it. We have still witnessed our sibling’s bond shining through.

The garden has been a massive hit with our siblings in June 2016. They love jumping in the paddling pool together. Little E actually cried when it was time to come in and say goodbye to the paddling pool.

little e ethan playing paddling pool

The Little Tikes car has also been a massive hit but both children have had to learn about taking turns. This of course has been interesting. Ethan did learn how to play with Little E and enjoys pushing her around the garden.

ethan pushing little e little tikes car

Of course, there has been peace when they have both been interested in the iPad. Little E has been asking to use the iPad more and more this month which has caused some friction.

ethan playing ipad little e watching screen June 2016

This really has been a different month in our sibling’s relationship. I’m sure is due to them both getting older. I’m hoping we will have mastered this sharing thing before the start of the summer holidays!

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