Eating New Foods

Ethan’s diet is very limited, it’s all part and parcel of autism. Foods can be refused because of lots of reasons but chips are always a safe bet in our house. During our visit to Center Parcs Ethan actually tried two new food groups and he has added three more since returning home. Sometimes we do have one-off foods that won’t be eaten again but these new items have actually stuck around for a few weeks.


The Pancake House was an unexpected hit during our Center Parcs visit. Last week during our food shop I remembered to buy some of the American style pancakes and some chocolate sauce. Ethan happily ate his way through the packet over the course of the weekend.


Red Juice

Whilst at Center Parcs our friends took Summer Fruits with them to drink and we took our usual Orange. Ethan asked us for some of the red juice and really liked it. He has continued to drink this ever since. We do have the problem that Ethan now refuses orange to drink but we are happy that his tastes have changed. We will work on the orange issue at a later date!


Raisin’s are one of Little E’s favorite snacks and last week Ethan asked for some, he proceeded to eat them all. Ethan has now added raisin’s into one of his daily snacks.

Apple Bars

Apple bars are another of Little E’s snacks that Ethan has taken an interest in. It was another snack that he has asked for of his own accord and now happily eats whenever he can. We now have to buy two boxes of the apple bars every week.

Jam Sandwiches

A few weeks ago we stopped for lunch at our local Debenhams. I decided against getting chips for Ethan and went with the packed lunch children’s option. Knowing that he wouldn’t eat cheese I picked up a jam sandwich thinking it would be ignored. To our surprise Ethan ate all of the jam sandwich. We are now able to give Ethan two types of sandwiches for lunch chocolate or jam.

All of these new foods are a massive step forward for Ethan and it now also means I have so many more choices when Ethan has to have a packed lunch. I really hope Ethan counties to enjoy these new-found foods and we can expand on them too.

3 thoughts on “Eating New Foods”

  1. Well done Ethan! Isn’t it nice when likes change and you can enjoy giving your child a new tasty food for a while? Leah is a very fussy eater and doesn’t change her likes all that often either, infact i dont think we’ve had anything new in the past 6 months *sad face*. x

  2. Well done Ethan!
    It’s great that he’s discovering these new foods for himself and that he’s willing to try them. I hope this happens with my T one day, he’s still resolutely sticking to only what he’s familiar with still.

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